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Who we are

MBF METHOD CORP. - is strategically positioned for partnership with scientific and other organizations. It is a constantly growing consulting firm, with a main focus on development of the most modern method of physical training tailored for different age groups from birth to old age.

You need us in your pursuit of wellness. We want to make available to you a system of physical conditioning and training which will make children tall, lean, and strong, and adults healthy, active, and attractive.

Our education, knowledge, and experience together with your goals and determination are what unite us. See what we are offering. Match it to your own interests and those of your loved ones and join the wonderful world of sports, physical exercise, and healthy lifestyles.

Because of the global reach of the Internet, our MBF method can be used not only by individual clients but also by specialists, Fitness Centers, teachers of physical education in schools and colleges, physical therapists, pediatricians, as well as doctors in other fields who recommend physical training to their patients.

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