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What do the words "Personal Information" & "REPORT" mean?

You will often come upon these words!

"Personal Information" - This is a special form, which you will encounter in the programs at this site. This form is needed for necessary information concerning the functional and physical condition of adults or children on the date they fill out the application. The information presented in the "Personal Information" generates a computer analysis and the current condition of your physiology creating the REPORT. This REPORT is also formulated with specific recommendations and activities and in essence, serves as your personal trainer- regulating all parameters of the training exercises. None of the programs offered on our site save any personal information entered into the database by our clients. Neither test results nor recommendations that we make to our clients are saved. Nevertheless, it is imperative to note the importance of saving all of the test results by the client. This is important, so that you may keep track of the effectiveness of nutritional programs, fitness exercises, prognoses and other materials. It is up to you, the client, to make sure you save the results of your visits to WWW.MBFMETHOD.COM, either to your hard drive, by printing them out, or both.

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