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Understanding the MBF method
For proportion, beauty and health there are required not only education in the areas of science and art, but life-long physical exercise.
"Physical culture is nothing other than knowing how to conduct oneself well in one's own body. An uncivilized person spits on the floor; a physically uncultured person - on himself."
G. Oster


More and more parents are striving to give their children not only a good education, but excellent physical development as well. They want to see their children grow up tall, shapely and strong, i.e., beautiful and, of course, healthy.

In recent years, interest among adults towards exercise and sports for health has grown tremendously. It would seem that people have begun to understand that modern life is not healthy for people. Too much food, too much stress, not enough physical exertion.

The results:

  1. Without sports and regular exercise, a child can not develop fully and an adult or elderly person will not be absolutely healthy.
  2. Experimenting on one's own as to the choice of exercises, and evaluating one's own program and progress with training is not the most intelligent approach, especially now, when these issues can be decided quickly and inexpensively via the Internet. The computer programs of the MBF METHOD are what you need, whether you're a parent, a child or an adult. The MBF METHOD is for everybody - from birth to age 60+.


At the basis of the MBF METHOD lies the potential for directly impacting the functional status of the human organism by means of physical exercises. This means that we have created an integrated program of exercise, sports and nutrition which is physiologically appropriate for any child, any teenager or any adult, based on indices specific to their level of physical development.

For children - this might include systematic exercise to increase a child's height or controlling his/her weight, to help a child achieve good shape, develop his/her strength, or for improving overall functional status of the body.

For adults - this might be a program intended to reduce the effects of aging or for weight control, for prevention and treatment of illnesses of the musculosceletal system, cardio-vascular, respiratory or nervous systems, or for getting and staying in good physical shape.

About the "To be TALL, GRACEFUL and STRONG!" program
(from birth to 18-20 years old)

Many illnesses, habits (including very bad ones), love or dislike of sports and one's general character are formed at an early age, in the pre-school years. The problem that faces sensible parents today is how to achieve and then maintain their children's health at a high level from birth until the moment when their son or daughter will be able to manage intelligently their own health and physical development. Teaching kids to be physically active means avoiding many problems which can occur in their mature years. The MBF METHOD fully meets the requirements of a child's proper physical development from birth to adulthood.

A person's physical condition, such as his/her height, weight and body shape, play such an important role in life that there is hardly anyone who is not interested in this problem. For this very reason, the MBF METHOD for children has been created according to the formula:

Harmony of Height, Weight and Strength = Health and Beauty!

What distinguishes the MBF METHOD from other methods of child development is the fact that our program is constructed according to a prognosis of the child's physical condition from his/her early years until he/she matures at age 18-20.

  1. When the child's future condition, i.e. his/her height, weight, body shape and overall health are not a cause for concern, the programs of the MBF METHOD are oriented toward maintaining the optimal course of physical development.
  2. If signs of present and future development relating to such areas as height, weight and body shape bring about parental concern and seem to predict future problems for the child, the programs of the MBF METHOD are adjusted to:
    1) stimulate the child's height,
    2) control his/her weight, or
    3) develop a more proportional body shape - or all three at once.

No one wants to be short, but no one wants to be unusually tall either.
To this day, many suppose that it is impossible or too complicated to control the growth of the body. People mostly pay attention to the role of genetic factors - tall parents means tall children. However, there are many well-known instances when short parents have raised tall or even very tall children. And there are no fewer examples of tall parents raising children who were certainly no giants.

The MBF METHOD is intended for children, who do not have pathological conditions and who are not receiving hormone therapy. We have in mind children whose insufficient height is a consequence of non-hereditary factors, common illnesses, physical development, incorrect nourishment or life styles. This method is even intended for those who simply want to grow, to be taller.

The MBF METHOD facilitates physical growth and physical development thanks to a carefully tested, holistic system of nourishment, exercise and specific sports and other forms of physical activity. Ideally, this method should be used in a disciplined manner throughout the years of childhood and adolescence, all the way to the complete maturation of the skeleto-muscular apparatus. The program's maximal effectiveness of increasing child's height can be achieved when it is implemented before the beginning of puberty, i.e., at the age of 10-12 years. This program is still highly effective when it is introduced at the age of 12-14 years, and somewhat effective at the age of 14-16 years. It is least effective past the age of 17 years old. In other words, the earlier the MBF METHOD is employed, the better results can be expected. In addition, the entire system of training, diet, and behavior is oriented toward the body's harmonious physical development as well as the prevention of illness in the cardio-vascular, nervous and respiratory systems.

's program has the capacity to evaluate a child's body weight, both currently and in future (up to adulthood). We analyze how the child's future weight will relate to his future growth. If the prognosis is satisfactory - great! In that case, the program will be oriented toward maintaining the child's weight in proportion to his/her growth in height. Otherwise, when necessary to regulate body weight and to create good muscle mass, a diet specific as to amounts and types of food will be recommended as appropriate for the child's specific age, body type and his/her aptitudes for physical training.

A strong person is also strong in character. The feeling of one's own strength is a completely unique feeling, which helps a child to gain confidence in his/her studies, and later on in his/her career.
The correct application of resistance exercise is not only not counterindicated, but in fact necessary for children. Without strength training it is not possible to change a child's muscular contours and create a beautiful body shape. However, intense training with large weights can result in retardation of the child's growth. The MBF METHOD offers different resistance exercises which take into consideration the specific anatomo -physiological composure of the child 's muscles in different stages of development.

Do you want to see your kids become champions? Then you must pay constant attention to the analysis of their physical and functional development today. You should also start looking at the factors which indicate how their growth, weight and body shape will progress as they get older. For example, if a prognosis indicates that your son will achieve a maximum height of 165 cm, then it would hardly be worthwhile to make him into an NBA player, even if he were to gain 10 cm in height by means of the MBF METHOD. But this height would be perfect for becoming a fine wrestler, karate master, boxer, soccer player, track and field star, or an outstanding athlete in any other sport. Knowledge of a child's future growth, weight and body shape can serve as not only as a starting point on the path to creating a beautiful body, improving physical development and overall health, but also for achieving excellent athletic results as well. You just need to show our EVALUATION to coaches in whatever sport, or to a school's physical education instructor, and he will be able to tell you in which sport your child will be able to achieve superior results.

(For people from 18 - 60+ years old)

Many people have taken up sports or exercise for their health at some point in time, but have quickly lost faith in the health benefits of the training because they did not achieve the desired results. And the cause? Why didn't they get any effect? Science offers a precise answer. The basic reason - an incorrect approach or method for structuring the training. The fault often lies in doing certain exercises without a consistently disciplined attitude or approaching physical exercise without taking into account the differences in a person's functional capabilities at different ages. One can also create problems by doing the exercises in the wrong order, whether at a single workout or over the course of weeks or months. In other words, a correct, precisely-tested and systematic approach is the guaranty of success in exercise as well as in general health matters.

It is often thought that adults, as long as they are healthy and active and physical debility has not begun to cause serious problems, do not need physical training. This point of view is not only untrue, but even harmful. After all, the struggle with increasing infirmity and disease is a tough one. But the difficulty of the fight against the aging process can be significantly decreased by taking steps while still an adolescent to prevent the onset of problems associated with advancing years. In other words, one can achieve great results form physical exercise, if training habits formed in youth and developed in adulthood are maintained as one grows older. Nonetheless, age is no obstacle to starting a program of physical exercise. Moreover, as long as physical decline has not become too pronounced, people in the older age groups and even elderly people experience a greater effect from serious physical training than younger people. Physical improvement for older people is expressed in a sharper increase in work capacity and in an enhanced overall sense of well - being.

The MBF METHOD produces an analysis of the indices of a person's functional status and compares the results of such tests on the day of testing with statistical norms for the person's age group. The level of a person's physical preparedness is given automatically. Based on these results, recommendations are made concerning everything related to the training program: frequency of training per week, the length of each session, optimal heart-rate (pulse) range during training, as well as length of aerobic and special exercises. Each person will be carefully advised concerning what to do, when and how much to do it. These recommendations are designed for specific individuals and their use by anyone other than the person for whom they are intended is not permitted, as this could lead to serious problems. Such problems might include reduced functionality of the body and negative reactions to the effects of physical exertion.


No one has the ability to evaluate their own figure with 100% objectivity, since we do not like to admit our physical faults and deficiencies. That's how people are! Even adults, when measuring their height or weight, will invariably add to their height and subtract from their weight. It is not possible to decide where one needs to slim down or bulk up just by taking a step over to the mirror. Meanwhile, precise criteria for judging the proportionality of the body's shape do exist. The MBF METHOD evaluates body shape by comparing data on the present shape of specific body areas with precisely calculated figures on the ideal body shape for a person of a certain gender, size and body type. It is possible to determine according to these indices how a person will look after they've undertaken a course of special exercises and correct diet.


The MBF METHOD's tests for evaluating a person's functional condition and physical development are really quite simple. They are accessible to anyone and should be shown to a doctor.

Our computer program's statistical analyses make it possible to maintain an information database. By repeatedly tracking this information, one can automatically create a comparison between the original results of the METHOD's investigation and all further instances. Such a comparison will show if the process of physical development is going smoothly, or if we need to make adjustments to either physical training, diet or behavior.

Give the MBF METHOD a try now, in order to become convinced
just how simple and easy it is to work with.

We wish you good luck!

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