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Family Health Center

MB Phisical Therapy and Sport Medicine P.C.

Family Health Center & MB Physical Therapy and Sport Medicine P.C.
- Multi-branched office, where the following services are being offered: evaluation of functional condition, complete health assessment, treatment of cardiovascular illnesses, respiratory and nervous systems, diabetes, obesity, all types of orthopedic problems both children and adults. Our department of sport medicine provides medico- biological control for the process of physical exercises for people of different ages. Computerized and clinical diagnostics!

Any medical conclusion is supported with detailed recommendations on medications, proper nutrition, and exercise. The office contains a Fitness Center, with the newest technology for both children and adults.

Visit us! Bring yourself, your children and grandchildren! Trust us and you will see you have done the right thing. We work for people who want to see their children healthy and do something about it.

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