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   It is well known that a certain diet, physical exercises, sport, healthy lifestyle, etc., influence the height of a person. Here are two stories showing once again the possibility of increasing physical HEIGHT. I found the first story on the pages of the Russian sports magazine called “Athletics”(Russia, February 1993), written by my good friend and excellent journalist Steve Shenkman. The second story, written by Garry Trudeau, was published in the “New York Times Magazine” (USA, March 31, 1996, Section 6).

   The first story. Twenty-five years ago, Rustam Ahmetov became a champion in the high jump. His parents were not tall: his father was 166cm, and mother 162cm. Thus his height did not match the future champion. But Rustam was lucky! He spent his youth in the Ukrainian city of Berdichev, where there was a flourishing school for the high jump headed by Viktor Lonsky. This trainer accepted anyone who wanted to join. That is how the short Ahmetov got in. By the time Ahmetov was fourteen, he jumped the height of 175cm, being only 164cm tall. But further progress was stopped - Rustam was not tall enough. Then the trainer gave him a training program for growth enhancement. After two years of hard training, Ahmetov grew to 180cm. Then he added another 5cm and became Master of Sport. His height did not bother him anymore, but he grew another 2cm on inertia and became a Champion of the former USSR in the high jump with a result of 2m 23cm.

   The second story. “When I was 14 years old, I was third to the last in height among 100 students,” writes Garry Trudeau in “The New York Times Magazine”. I was nicknamed “dwarf” and was mocked about my height. This bothered me all the more because the girls in my school practically ignored me. I found the book on how to become taller and gave myself to the idea to overcome my genetic fate, or at least to improve my physical capacities. The idea was suggested in the book and I immersed into everyday training. It became a routine, just like brushing my teeth. During a few years I was gradually catching up with my peers. From the age of seventeen I began growing faster and before I graduated high school I grew 6”. I was born-again. I transformed myself! Who is going to tell me that one can not overcome obstacles if one can even change one’s own height?

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