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The Skinny Also Cry.

   This article is about those who wish to gain weight, but by nature belong to the category of people, who are incapable of holding down weight. Nothing they eat ‘sticks’. This below normal weight brings those who are skinny (not to be confused with slim) such a large number of problems, that they do cry!

   Underweight people, more often than others, develop postural problems as well as problems associated with the vertebral column.
   Very often people with below normal weight have such weak back muscles, that they are incapable of maintaining their vertebral column in a normal, physiologically correct position. As a result, they develop kyphosis, scoliosis and other disorders of the musculo-skeletal systems.

Skinny children can lag behind in height.
   Time- honored observations show that underweight children as a rule do not reach their genetically predetermined height. The main reason for this is inadequate nutrition and thus a lack of nutrients in the diet that are necessary for growth. For normal growth processes to occur, proteins must combine with certain vitamins and lipids which stimulate secretion of the main human growth hormone - somatotropin, as well as other hormones. An imbalance of these elements, or their lack, disrupt growth. It is important to note that lack of appropriate proteins not only slows down growth in terms of height, but also limits the development of muscle mass, which is a crucial element in maintaining physiologically correct posture.

You don’t have to be a supermodel, but you must be lean!

   Do you really want to look like a supermodel, who with the height of 5’7’’ weighs 105 pounds? If so, you must know that this will require severe limitations of your food intake. This can and usually does have an effect on your health since the body does not receive an adequate amount of natural vitamins and minerals. This situation is different for a lean person (i.e., one whose weight is within close proximity of the ideal weight for the height, age and body type). In this case, muscle mass is well developed, which allows for holding the body in an anatomically correct position and provides for good posture, gait and appearance.

What to do if you are skinny?

   First of all, there is a need for a check up with a specialist to determine if the below normal weight is a cause or the result of an underlying disease process. Anybody who suddenly starts losing a considerable amount of weight must see a physician to determine the cause of the weight loss and find treatment, if indicated. Such diseases as anemia, cancer, depression, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, dieabetes, chronic infections (AIDS, tuberculosis and parasites), liver diseases and diseases of the pancreas as well as generalized endocrine disorders - all these can be associated with weight loss.
Most probably your weight is not due to an underlying disease. It could be caused by depressed appetite or could be a genetic feature of your body. But if you still want to gain some weight, you will need some specialized tests, without which it is impossible to develop an individualized program to regulate your weight, which would include a certain dietary regimen as well as special exercises and physical therapy.

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