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One can’t be born a ‘Schwarzenegger’, but can become one!

   Arnold Schwarzenegger… It is hard to find anybody today who has not heard of this name. But not everybody knows his road to international stardom. First of all, he turned himself from a sickly body with congenital heart problems into a bodybuilding superstar (bodybuilding is a method of developing a physique by means of special training and diet), and became an eight- time winner of the ‘Mr. Olympia’ title. Then, owing to his incredible body proportions, he won the hearts of millions of moviegoers and became a start of the ‘silver screen’ not only in the United Stated, but also around world. He became an amazing businessman, a movie producer, owner of many profitable enterprises and restaurants. He wrote a book about his system of training that enjoyed tremendous success. Nowadays, this man is a role model for today’s youth, and bodybuilding owes its popularity to him.
   Specialists in the field of sports medicine and biologists know that increasing muscle strength and correcting and eliminating imperfections (even insignificant) of one’s physique is attainable at any age. However, after the age of 30 it is next to impossible to develop substantial muscle mass and definition without an adequately developed underlying muscluoskeletal system. Conversely, developing and maintaining a good physique developed in youth is not only possible, but necessary throughout life. Therefore, it is never too early to start taking care of your child’s future body - don’t postpone it for another day, for it can be too late. At an adult age, it is impossible to become well built and tall, which are appreciable qualities on today’s esthetical scale. Spending time on your health and physical fitness is not wasting it. A successful career, longer life span and psychological comfort later are the reward time spent in such a way. It is important to note that physique, i.e., the proportionality of musculoskeletal development and muscle mass and definition, is determined in early childhood and then develops during adolescence and is maintained throughout life until a very old age. Building a body is much like sculpting: one needs a metal support (skeleton), clay (muscles), and skillful hands of a sculptor (a doctor, biologist-physiologist, personal trainer or training program recommended by a specialist). Some are lucky - they inherently have excellent, good, or satisfactory inclinations towards a good physique in the future. Being able to realize this potential is another story. Others are not so lucky - nature has not given them good, predisposing characteristics. But like Arnold Schwartzenegger, each is capable: the former to realize good, inborn characteristics, the latter to develop from scratch. Specific exercises and exercise programs have been developed which take into consideration the sex and age of the individual. These programs include everything that is required for a harmonious development - from a special diet and vitamins that help muscle development to a detailed regimen of physical exercise.

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