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Prognosing is a thankless business!!!

   Do you want to see what tomorrow looks like for your children and see what they will look like at age 18-20? It is now possible, even if your child has just been born, thanks to our computer program. Modern medical/biological science allows for such prognosis of the height, weight and physique your children will become in adulthood. The purpose of doing this is to allow for timely appropriate correction of physical development, to avoid development of pathologies and to correct undesirable genetic predisposition. Some will say that it does not matter what the child will look like in the future. Intelligence, according to them is more important. But isnít it better to be intelligent, as well as tall, well built, and healthy? Usually, the parents hope that any developmental problems will go away on their own, even after they notice some deviations from the norm. Unfortunately, this is not the case. And when their children, smart and educated, come to see the doctor at 20-25 seeking help to become better built and more lean and proportional, it is often too late. This is why prognosis is so important. The earlier such prognosis is made, the more chances the child has to become taller, better physically developed with a wonderful physique. So if your childís physical development matters to you, and you want to know not only your childís potential but also the ways to improve it - come visit us.

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