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Three ways to become higher growth.

Method One - This method is designed for children with severe hormonal deficit, which in most cases is diagnosed at ages 5 to 7. If growth hormone production stops or slows down to produce insufficient amounts of the hormone, treatments utilizing synthetic growth hormone are employed. However, only 5-6 out of 100 children with below average height fit the criteria for such hormonal treatments. Therefore, a decision to start hormonal treatment is made only after a thorough examination by a specialist. The first test in this process is determining growth potential by the onset of adulthood. However, if hormonal treatment is deemed necessary, a combination of hormonal therapy, an adequate diet and an individually assigned sets of exercises yields better results in increasing height.

Method Two - This method is surgical. It is used when the formation of the musculo-skeletal system is completed and bone growth has practically stopped. The principles of anthropometric cosmetology lie in the foundation of this method. Anthropometric cosmetology is the study of changing the size of one's bones without distorting the proportions of one's body. Elongating the legs of a healthy individual, regardless of age, requires an operation. This procedure is bloodless and leaves no scars. Only the legs are anesthetized. First, the bone is neatly sawed apart, and then a special apparatus is applied, which guides the leg to successfully grow at a rate of 1mm per day. The gap that is formed between the two severed parts of the bone naturally fills up with new cells, which after subsequent growth ,form new bone tissue. In the end, the physical characteristics of the new bone tissue match those of the natural bone. The tissues surrounding the bone - such as muscles, tendons, nerves and even arteries - elongate at the same rate as the bone itself.

Method Three - This method is biological*. This method is used on children who exhibit delayed or insufficient growth as a result of unfavorable heredity, and do not have hormonal problems. Zones of growth remain open. The biological method for growth enhancement is also used on those children, whose parents want them to be taller. There are numerous reasons for such a wish. America loves the tall and the lean
The following situations make for the most successful use of the biological method. The factual height of an individual can deviate by up to 4 inches from the hereditary predetermined height. In other words, your child can be up to 4 inches below, 4 inches above or at the level of the hereditary height. This means that for any individual the genetic factor carries a certain predisposition for height, which, however, is not set in stone and allows for a considerable range of developmental results. Thus, all individuals possess a CERTAIN POTENTIAL FOR GROWTH. Whether this potential is realized depends on a variety of causes, as well as a properly chosen treatment methodology, and timely consultations with specialists dealing with growth related problems.
The complex interconnections between a balanced diet, vitamin therapy, special exercises and sports in conjunction with other influences, possibly pharmaceutical, which can activate the body's own growth hormones, form the foundation of the biological method. Furthermore, usually by certain age the areas of growth of the spine and bones harden. This stops growth. However, if these areas are 'stimulated', the process of growth can be extended. In this case the degree of growth strictly depends on the degree and methods of 'stimulation'. With this in mind, it is important to know which influences and what type of diet should be employed at a particular age. For example, the methods used at 1.5 years, 6 years, 10 years, 14 years and 17-18 years old are absolutely different from one another. Disregarding this can yield results opposite to the desired effect - instead of increasing height, growth can be stunted. Some types of physical activities and certain sports can produce such an effect, if done without consideration of the unique characteristics of a particular child. This fact alone speaks for the necessity of consulting with a specialist before sending your child, however healthy and tall, to the gym to participate in sports.
There are several other factors that can SLOW DOWN GROWTH. It could be a result of insufficient function of the liver or other organs, which produce certain substances to stimulate growth. This comes about because parents do not pay enough attention during childhood and adolescence to the child's diet, to the condition of the child's musculo-skeletal system, to the child's physical development. Also, this can be a result of the parents not knowing and not treating certain medical conditions that can stunt growth. This is why you should immediately consult a specialist if your child is LAGGING in height; if you want to see your child taller; if he is overweight or has problems with POSTURE (scoliosis, slouching) or gait; if he is physically weak and is not well- coordinated or gets tired quickly. The earlier you do it, the better. There have been a number of cases when at age 25 or even 27 height was successfully increased, mostly due to improvements of posture defects, spinal deformities and physical development. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend starting from the first year of life to determine what HEIGHT and WEIGHT your son or daughter will attain by age 18-20. It is also possible to determine what type of body your child will have and what needs to be done now to alter or avoid unfavorable heredity. These facts are determined with the help of specially designed computer software. The result of such analysis will become the starting point on the way to attain the desired height and level of physical development for your children. The answer to the question "is it possible to become taller?" is a definite "yes it is!" All that is needed is the will, some stubbornness and the proper environment and methodology.

* For further details you can refer to our method of growth enhancement and physical development in "To Be Tall, Graceful, and Strong: The MBF Method" by V. Baranov and M. Baranov, USA Copyright # TXU 728-292.

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