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   A Fat Epidemic
When people hear the word "EPIDEMIC," they think of a rare virus or of infectious disease. But in recent years another type of epidemic has appeared - the tremendous growth in the number of overweight people. More than just causing a mass of medical, psychological and other life problems, being overweight all by itself will cut short a person's life span. Imagine a healthy 20-year old young man, who could expect to live to the age of 77-78 with a normal body weight. But if he gains a mere 10% in body weight, then he risks living 6.5 years less. Exceeding the norm for body fat by 20% may reduce his life expectancy to 65.5 years, by 30% - to 57 years. An almost identical tendency is observed among women. So think about it, and try to get rid of that extra weight one more time. Do it the smart way and, this time, forever. Once you start to lose weight the process of premature mortality will be retarded and then (when your weight is normalized) completely stopped.

   Being In Shape Gets You Respect...
It seems, this is why the world is so focused on weight loss. Good body shape, besides everything else, demonstrates one's material and social position. Being in shape gets you respect, since it gives others reason to suppose that you can afford the services of a qualified private trainer, nutritionist and masseur, that you belong to a quality health club and that you spend time in the training room or the pool. The famous Arnold Schwarzenegger writes in his book that people who are in good shape gain higher social positions. Employers see such people as potential colleagues, capable of representing their firm or organization. And, of course, under the right conditions they prefer to hire those who look better and are healthier. In the end, a person with an effective appearance has better chances to be promoted on the job and, naturally, to achieve a higher salary.
   In Search of the Recipe.
Open any magazine or newspaper, and you will surely find an advertisement for various pills, programs, or general advice to help you lose weight. They all promise methods that work quickly. Meanwhile, not one single serious scientific study has affirmed the effectiveness, or even the usefulness of such weight loss methods. Not one diet has produced reliable results. Moreover, the faster you lose weight, the faster you'll gain it back and, at times, in a geometrical progression. Frequent use of an array of diets and an even more variegated array of pills leads to illnesses of the gastro-intestinal tract and to cardio-vascular problems. The only thing that really works is a strict regimen of eating reasonably and physical exertion. That means - balanced nutrition and special exercises. So you say, fine! But after all, I'm not a Hollywood star and I'm not so wealthy that I can afford a nutritionist or a personal trainer. So what can I do? Drop into our office. Find out what we do and how we operate, how the MBF METHOD program works. Get to know people who've lost 60-80 pounds with the help of this program and people who've not only lost weight but have regained the figure they had in their youth so that they are no longer shy about appearing in any social setting. Here's one example from our practice - the story of Stella Kats:
   "I've had problems with my figure and my weight all my life. I've tried many, many diets, but neither the diets, nor the pills, nor the creams, nor anything that "guaranteed" quick weight loss ever produced reliable results. The exercises which I tried to do did not help. I tortured myself with all that for years and years. At times my weight went up to 228 pounds. I was desperate! Having tried dozens of methods, trainers, clubs and doctors, I decided to try one more program. The one, which I responded to, was called: 'LAST CHANCE FOR THE OVERWEIGHT.' This really was the last chance for me. I arrived at the Fitness Center at Healthbeat Medical P. C. and... gradually, without rushing things, I was transformed from an ugly duckling into the woman you see in the photograph. Having my food intake analyzed precisely by a computer and having a special system of exercise, massage and electrical stimulation helped me lose 70 pounds. At the same time, the systematic approach that was developed for me made it possible to improve the functioning of the heart, to treat diseases linked to excess fat and to create a more proportional body shape. I have been shown how to work out my cardio-vascular system with gymnastics and I've been trained according to the system of PARADOXICAL exercises, where they rigorously apply the methods of the ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE, the PILATES METHOD and the MBF METHOD. By combining correct nutrition, vitamin therapy and electrical stimulation with specialized physical exertion, I've achieved fantastic results. I'm much stronger! I can run or even do very difficult exercises. Now I have more muscle than fat. I've become a tougher, stronger person and I've forgotten about all the little health problems, which used to bug me and my husband. My friends and relatives say that my personality has gotten better, since I'm not as irritable as I used to be. And I have enough strength to keep house and to work, as well as to visit the Fitness Center. The old Stella is gone! There's a new, happier Stella!"


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