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If the heart could talk...

   If the heart could talk, we would hear the groans of a slave. Indeed, the work that people make their hearts do is nothing less than slave labor.

Fine points.
The heart is the center of the vascular system, the main motor that pushes blood through the vessels. It is a pump - unusual and cleverly designed, complexly regulated, capable of enormous amount of work and far superior to any model invented by man. No muscle in the human body can be compared with the heart in strength or endurance. The heart can work nonstop for more than six hundred thousand hours.

The first signs of trouble.
While one is healthy, one seldom thinks of the consequences that lifestyle might have on the heart. People drink, smoke, neglect to exercise, put themselves in stressful situations and eat excessively. But sooner or later, you notice that the heart is not working properly - pain is felt more and more often. You explain this condition by fatigue, irritation, problems at work and other such causes. You hope that everything will go away by itself and there is no need to signal the alarm. But this is the alarm. Your heart is letting you know that it's tired and it needs immediate help. But the human is a peculiar animal. Instead of rushing to see a doctor as soon as possible and find out what is wrong, many don't do anything hoping for a spontaneous resolution. Those are empty hopes!

Scary statistics.
Approximately one million people die of cardiovascular diseases in the U.S. each year. Heart problems start around the age of 30 and increase with age. Those over 40 years old carry a high risk of hypertension, stenosis, stroke and impotence.

Take care of the heart!!!
The medical 'anarchists' rely on pharmacotherapy and the success of cardiac surgery. In reality, great results shown by cardiac surgery do not guarantee longevity. Fifty percent of patients who underwent surgery develop clogged arteries within five years, while by the seventh year this percentage increases to 80. Postoperative infarction affects 10% of the patients. Coronary surgery deals with only a fraction of the vessels. The condition of the rest of the vasculature, the total length of which is approximated at 100000 km, can still affect your health. This is due to the fact that accumulation of harmful substances occurs throughout the body, and not just in the vessels of the heart. The goal is to keep all the vessels in good condition. To achieve this goal, there are many methods which a reasonable person can use to live a long happy life.

First. You need to find a medical office which has the newest diagnostic equipment and proper conditions not only for treatment, but also for prophylaxis of the cardiovascular diseases.

Second. You must finetune your diet to include foods that are helpful in prophylaxis of thrombus formation, which lowers the risk of infarction and stroke.

Third. You must accustom yourself to regular physical exercises. One hour of exercise is rewarded by two extra hours of life. Every 800 meters walked (on an every day basis) lowers the risk of heart attack by 15%. Nevertheless, it is important to emphasize, that in order to achieve results in prophylaxis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases safe, but significant stress loads are necessary. Therefore, it is important to select a program, which has a curative and prophylactic effect on the cardiovascular system as well as joints and muscles. We use CARDIO-JOINT gymnastics; PARADOXICAL system of exercises; the ALEXANDER technique, the PILATES method and the MBF method. We have enormous experience in physical rehabilitation of people with a variety of cardiovascular system problems, including those who have had a heart attack, bypass surgery or the procedure to increase the lumen of the vessels (balloon angioplasty). We also perform physical rehabilitation of patients after a heart transplant.

Fourth. From the point of view of primary and secondary prophylaxis of the diseases of the heart and vessels it is reasonable to:

1) - use the so-called pharmacology of the healthy person, including all the necessary types of vitamin therapy;
2) - liquidate the consequences of stressful situations, using special exercises and psychomotor somatic
regulation, medications and rehabilitating exercises increasing the effect of night sleep;
3) - quit smoking;

4) - learn the methods of prophylaxis of impotence and increase in sexual activity.

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