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Escaping a vicious circle.

   Sometime it seems that the world's gone crazy! People are preoccupied by two thoughts: 1) what to eat, and 2) how to lose weight. In America, the first problem has been dealt with successfully. But solving the second problem is significantly more complicated. The hope of millions of people that a magical diet will solve their problem is a waste of time. Don't torture yourself by going hungry for long periods, certainly not without the required preparation and methods. Irreversible processes may begin to appear already on the third day of such self-starvation. There are no formulae, no pills, no special belts or fat burners, etc., which have the capability to remove fat in an isolated region of the body. One can do this, but only with the help of special exercises selected according to the specific organic characteristics of your body.

   The majority of advertised diets are designed so that each person, as a rule, can stick to the diet and its various restrictions for maybe one to two weeks. Anyone can lose a few pounds in this amount of time. And so, the promised result has been achieved, hasn't it? Except that later on the body's physical needs have to be dealt with; one starts wanting to eat regular amounts and types of food. And sooner or later (according to statistics, more than 90% of the time) the problem simply starts all over again. Like a smoker who knows that smoking is bad for one's health, an overweight person knows that extra weight is a threat to his health. But how many people manage to quit smoking? Especially for a long time? To be able to refrain from a habit of many years is, indeed, really difficult. At times, a strict diet can lead to results which are worse than being fat. To get out of this vicious circle, unfortunately, is not possible for everyone. I can easily imagine how some people, reading these lines, will be satisfied, how their anxiety will be calmed. At worst, they will have to admit to themselves their own weakness. They will think up some excuse, anything to talk themselves into accepting their condition. Instead, we call on you to work on yourself, but just be sure to do it correctly. So, what does this mean, "correctly"? This means to make oneself understand that refraining from excessive food is a powerful source of stress, and physical exercise can also be enormously stressful. A body which is not prepared for this level of effort may not be able to hold out. A proven and seemingly thought-out system of physical activity will be tough on the nervous systems, which could lead in turn to the reccurrence of existing medical problems: of the heart, the musculo - skeletal apparatus, etc. Therefore, any transformation of the body from one condition to another ought to be carried out over a certain period of time and in a logical, consistent manner. Of course, you want to see results fast. Is that possible? It's possible! But not in a month, nor in two months!

Now about those who've already lost all hope of losing weight. These are people (and there are quite a few) who are very overweight. They've been in the "vicious circle" for so long that it seems almost impossible to get them out of it. They are often given to thinking along these lines: "If I lose 5-10 pounds, then what will that change in the overall condition of my body? Will it be noticeable?" And, if we're honest, we must answer: no, it won't change your body - and don't torture yourself about it. But there's one crucial detail. As a rule, very overweight people suffer from cardio-vascular illnesses; one often finds cases of osteoporosis amongst them, or arthritis, or muscular atrophy, or similar problems. These medical problems can restrict an overweight person's mobility. And so a second vicious circle arises: physical passivity, with all of its consequences for one's health. We can only say one thing here: if you are not able and/or no longer wish to lose weight, at least create a situation in which you will have to be active. Note: there are heavyset people who are very active and in good shape. Their heart and support apparatus are so well trained that the extra weight does not overly tax their body. This can only be achieved by means of special training, and in this way a normal life cycle can be assured. At least try to find one weak link where you can break the vicious circle. Who knows? Maybe after the first break, you'll find a way to make a second, more active break. As you will see, new habits will reinforce previous ones, and then it won't be long until you gain the final victory over what ails you: FAT.

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