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Example of the REPORT

Instructions on how to fill out the QUESTIONNAIRE
Which indicators must necessarily be filled out in the QUESTIONNAIRE?
Which tests are not absolutely necessary?
Is there a need to acquire some special equipment to accomplish the testing?
How are the measurements taken?
Which tests do not possess principal significance?
  1. FVC (Forced Vital Capacity)
  2. Static force (dynamometry). Estimate from 5 years old.
  3. Height of the parents

All these data are important; however, if they are missing, it will not reflect on the analysis and recommendation of your REPORT.

P.S. When showing the height of the parents, the maximum height of the mother and father must be taken in their younger years since with age the person decreases in height. Otherwise there will be a mistake in the results of the predicted hereditary height of the child as well as mistakes in some recommendations.

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