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Its time to decide how your kids will spend their summer!

INTER F&S SUMMER DAY CAMP offers daily training under the supervision of professional trainers. Activities included are basketball, baseball, football, volleyball, chess, swimming, aerobics, dancing, etc. We also offer a variety of trips, contests, concerts, movies, bowling, and other sorts of entertainment.
Our camp has the use of two full -sized gyms, soccer and baseball stadiums, indoor and outdoor pools, three tennis courts, an air-conditioned fitness center appropriate for children of eight years and older, parks with exercise equipment for children six and up, classrooms for indoor activities, a collection of videos and CDs, video games, etc.
Compared to our service, our price is very low. Breakfast, lunch, and transportation are all included. With the consent of the parents, a medical-biological evaluation which is required for sport camps may be obtained in the office of MBF Method Corp. 156-11 Aguilar Ave, Suite P3, Flushing, NY 11367, Phone (718) 380-4750, (718) 380-4745, Fax (718) 380-4597
Family Health Center, 280 Quentin Rd., Brooklyn, NY 11223, Phone (718) 336-4499, Fax (718) 336-2013

Trust us with your kids and you will see you've done the right thing!
For additional information please call (718) 380-4745
Or mail your response to 265 Quentin Rd., A3 Brooklyn, NY 11223.
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