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Has completed three educational institutions in America:
1. Creighton Uni­versity's (Doctor of Physical Therapy);
2. University of Medicine of New Jersey (Master of Physical Therapy);
3. Long Island University's (Bachelor of Respiratory Therapy).
4. Completed four years of study in the Kiev University of Physical Education, where he studied various methods of physical therapy, including exercise, massage and rehabilitation.

European experience in physical therapy coupled with an extensive education received in the United States, were depicted in practical experiences in hospitals like Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center, Lenox Hill Hospital, Nicholas Institute of Sport Medicine and Athletic Trauma, as well as Allegheny University Hospital and St. Joseph's Medical Center. Practice in these medical institutions allowed him to develop successful physiotherapeutic techniques in working with patients of various ages. Dr. Michael Baranov effectively uses traditional and alternative methods in treatment. He is an author of 30 scientific publications on physical therapy and rehabilitation, co-authored 6 diagnostic and preventative physiotherapeutic programs and the website www.mbfmethod.com. All programs and the website support English and Russian languages.
At the present time Dr. Michael Baranov is the Clinical Director in his office - MB Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine P.C. in Queens, NY.


VLADIMIR BARANOV Ph.D. (Biology & Exercise Science).

Member of the American Association of Sports Medicine. Author of 20 published books and more than 250 published articles about physiology and rehabilitative methods and exercises. Holds 7 international patents and licenses on rehabilitation exercise and sport. The first in the former USSR to create a computer handbook on fitness and treatment exercise. Co-authored 6 diagnostic and physiotherapeutic computer programs, as well as the website www.mbfmethod.com. All programs and the website supports English and Russian languages.
In the present time, Dr. Vladimir Baranov is the director of the rehabilitative center of Family Health Plaza in Brooklyn, NY.

Some Remarks from the Authors.

The creation, correction and practical trials of the MBF method program took place over many years. The authors searched, found, and replaced in their practice the new and fresh ideas, approaches and presentations of specialists in the bio-medical, sports, healthy exercise, diet, physiology, and biology fields published in Europe, America, and Asia. Our most important resources for our research and publications
are as follows:

  1. The monthly Official Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.
  2. The ACSM's Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription (Fifth Edition);
  3. The monthly Journal of the American Physical Therapy Association.
  4. Data from the National Center for Health Statistics USA.
  5. Other sources were Kozier and Erb, I. Muravov,
    S. Dushanin and co-authors Y. Geller, Y. Litvinov,
    V. Konovalov, W. Stone, J. Weider.

The authors used results of their personal research as well as their creation: Computerized Informational Reference Database Regarding Healthy and Therapeutic Exercise. The designer of the "Report" and site Expert Web Solution, Inc used illustrations from the following artists: I. Borisov, S. Saltanov, V. Grechishkin, Y. Velchinskiy, O. Novoselova, S. Sergiya, Z. Bespyatov, and G. Filatov. Unfortunately, it is not practical to give the bibliography in the computer program and website. Besides that, there are often similar ideas presented in various publications.
The interpretation of the various scientific givens, algorithm of computer programs, some mathematical formulas, modification of the known, and the design of original systems and complex exercises accomplished by the authors are the results of many years of practical experience and solid medical research. The authors continue the design of the practical parts of the program and will soon continue different systems of exercises in accordance with age, sex, height, weight, physical fitness and general conditioning. The illustrations are followed by explainable text. Out of the set of exercises, the program allows one to pick out certain blocks and receive the exercises on a piece of paper or on a CD.

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